May 2013

Once again little garage time this month but I have managed to get these parts vapour blasted and repainted. I used RD Cox and Sons in Reading and they did a great job.

From this…..


To this


Between the Vapour Blasting and painting the barrels were sent of to Granby Motors in Liverpool for a rebore. They bored them and supplied Mikita pistons to suit and did a very fast turnaround of 4 days. The crankcases as originally supplied from Yamaha would have been bare alloy for the lower half and painted satin black for the upper half. The Vapour blasters said they could do a satin finished alloy which looks like its been painted silver, yet it is bare metal. The finish is superb and should be easy to keep clean.

Only trouble is now everything I put back on the bike will have to be re-finished to the same high standard otherwise it’ll look shabby.

I did spend a few evening on the web ordering various parts for the rebuild, as it looks like I’ll be gathering parts for a Winter re-build. All hopes of getting the bike finished for this summer or year look doubtful due to holidays and a promise of doing some dreaded DIY in my house.


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