April 2013

Been a while since the last update…… But in my defence the garage is too cold over Winter!

I have completely stripped the bike and made a start on cleaning and preparing for paint etc.
The frame was filthy and a bit rusty in places but not structural so along with the swing arm and various brackets, was dropped off at Power Park Autos in Banbury. They did a great job and I have a very deep gloss red on the frame, swing arm is silver and the fairing brackets and stands were welded and coated in gloss black.


I’ve been through numerous wire wheels cleaning up bolts, swing arm links, brackets etc. I have bought a zinc plating kit from Gateros and intend to have a mass plating session when all the steel parts are prepared.

The Tank and plastics have been sent to Power Park Autos for strip and paint. They have done a brilliant job, using the correct pearl/metallic white and red.
I got some graphics from RD LC CRAZY and applied them before the top clearcoat. But I was not happy with them, I got the fairing and belly pan ones on poorly, so ordered some replacement ones. Fitted them and though not 100% happy due to bubbles etc decided to go with it. Left the tank etc in the spare room and a week later orange blotches appeared all over the white paintwork!!! Took it back to the painters and went on holiday.

The painter said there had been a reaction between the processes, so removed everything and started again. I now left it for a few weeks to check it would be Ok this time before wasting more graphics.

I decided to make my own graphics as I am in the print trade as a hardware engineer for Canon. So many many hours making templates and using Adobe illustrator I ended up with my own set printed on quality Vynil.


I drank 2 strong bottles of beer on a Friday evening and sat down to apply them, I had printed a few sets so I could afford to get them perfect. I was well pleased with the results, nice flat bubble free graphics.
Sent them off for the clearcoat and got them back and the final result is brilliant, probably better than factory.


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