August 2012 : Clutch and Brakes

There was still some summer days left before the tax ran out so I decided to address the important things so I could ride the bike before the winter strip down. My other half was watching all the TV coverage of the Olympics so I could spend 2 weeks of evenings in the Garage.

The clutch needed attention and the front brakes were pretty poor and I still had trouble starting the engine, it was never going to be plain sailing with a 30 year old bike.

The clutch would be an easy fix, new friction and plain plates with new springs would see it sorted. The clutch casing paint had flaked off and was in urgent need of some Pj1 paint. Most Jap bikes used to have pozidrive screws holding everything together, only trouble is that they made them from soft cheese ! But I was lucky and only had to get the hammer and drift out for 2 of them. They won’t be going back in anyway as I will use hex head allen screws. Draining the oil, showed some contamination so maybe this might be helping the clutch to slip. I stripped off all the paint from the clutch casing using nitromors paint stripper and wire wool. Heated it up with a hot air gun and then sprayed it with Pj1 Satin Black. Looked good and i was well pleased as no runs or drips. This took nearly a whole week of evenings and next time I will send it to be vapour-blasted.

The front calipers had been “repaired” before as the pad retaining pins had stripped the threads so a large bolt was used in a re-threaded enlarged hole. Not a bad bodge but the pads were also modded to fit and did not slide correctly. Makes no sense to risk riding with suspect brakes so I got a used pair from RD Breaker. These were in great condition and I stripped the paint from them and polished them up. Not sure if I will paint them black or leave them as bare alloy.

I removed the carbs and stripped them down and gave them a hot bath in my ultrasonic cleaner, several times till they looked like new. I fitted new float valves and seats, and refitted them on the bike. The fuel lines were looking a bit perished so I replaced them too.





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