August 2012: Rose tinted glasses failure ?

So in to the garage and out with the spanners and time to get a closer look at things that will need to go on the needs further attention list.

As with most bikes of this vintage the years have left their marks. Luckily for me its 95% all there (missing a belly pan) and in fair condition despite the surface rust and corrosion.

Although the bike has been repainted a while back in the Red Kenny Roberts sytle, the tank has suffered the usual tin worms inside and out. The area under the lower edge has rusted and a hole has been patched. Most tanks of this age will have suffered the same fate, so the option is to source a good used one or try and repair it.

The front exhaust downpipes are pitted badly, years of muck and salt being flung from the front wheel have made them beyond repair. The left hand one has a small hole in it, which blows oil and smoke under the engine and has left a right mess. But the rear sections of both are in great condition, so maybe this bike escaped being slung down the road. The best way forward is to get some other exhausts and cut and re-weld replacement front downpipes. Ideally I’d like some aftermarket expansion pipes but they are expensive new (cira £450) or used (£200) and think I’ll keep it standard until I have it back on the road and see what cash I have left.

You can see from the picture how the frame has suffered too, lots of blotches of rust. I will have to strip everything down and get the frame media blasted, inspected for cracks, zinc primer then powdercoated.


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