June 2012: The bike I bought to restore

 This is the bike just after I bought it. Sold as a rolling restoration project. Had a years MOT and had been ridden quite often. First things to note were, the belly pan was missing and the fairing was an aftermarket one. Oh and the paint scheme was non-standard “Kenny Roberts” job which I don’t really like anyway. It does not have matching engine and frame numbers, so even if I restored this back to near factory delivered condition it would not be worth as much as a matching numbers bike. But my aim is to rebuild it to a good condition and to ride it as Mr Yamaha intended.

So for the first few months I just intended to ride it and then SORN it and strip it over the Winter months, however the Bike clearly had other plans and started to give me grief when I used it.

It was a pig to start and the right-hand cylinder only fired when it had the mind to do so. Very frustrating and we almost fell out and joined the ranks of the hundreds of failed projects you see listed on ebay every week. When it did run though it pulled strong and showed me that the engine could be worth sorting,  though to be fair the clutch was slipping too, but still allowed me to pop the odd wheelie and put a stupid grin on my face. Funny how riding this bike made me regress to being 20 again and acting like a loon after only one outing.

So into the garage for the first spannering session


One thought on “June 2012: The bike I bought to restore

  1. Peter McCrum

    Hi – Just read your posts, very interesting and I had a giggle when reading about your frustrations. Would love to find out more – if possible, could you text me your number so I could call you as I am just about to start a similar project – keep at it, will be worth it.

    Peter 07979 802475


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